Student Accommodation Is Better Than HMO

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Why Student Accommodation Is Better Than HMO

This article will set out why student accommodation is better than HMO. But first, let us review what each is so that you are aware of how I have determined the rationale of why student accommodation is generally the preferred choice,

Student Accommodation is housing that is away from the education facility, college or university and which is generally a short distance away from the campus whether by walking, bicycle, car or public transport. In short to be of interest to students the housing needs to be away from campus but conveniently close enough to travel to for classes and any other reason why you may want to head there.

HMO Accommodation is housing that is on the campus of your learning facility and which is generally, but not always, in the form of dormitories. You will need to check with your learning provider to see what types of on-campus accommodation they have available and you will generally need to apply for your preference of student housing when you make your study application. In the case of dormitories, not only will you be sharing with strangers that you have no choice in. If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your roommates there is generally a limited action of recourse for you.

Meals are another issue that may cause contention as you may either need to cook and eat most of your meals in a shared kitchen, or depending on the availability, order from a set meal plan designed and supplied by the campus for a fee.

Accommodation costs are generally less when living away from the campus and you have complete freedom of where you are going to reside. Your choice may be to rent an apartment through a private rental were you enter into a tenancy agreement with either the owner of the premise or a real estate agent acting on their behalf. Other than abiding by the tenancy agreements and all state laws and paying your rent on time, you are free to pursue both social and scholastic interests as you see fit. Depending on where you are located you may also have the choice of subletting or jointly sharing a property with a friend or with someone that has room to share and who is willing to let you move in for a share of the rent and utilities. Due to the inherent nature of living off campus all choices and made by you and or your parents depending on your relationship and family culture.

As you have chosen to live away from the camps, all meals are down to your decision whether that be to cook in your residence or go out for a meal. Again, every decision that you encounter is one that you will have to make.

So after reading through the above and talking with a number of students, there is a perceived benefit to living off campus and while it is generally agreed that student accommodation is better than HMO due to the amount of freedom one has with the choice of where and how you want to live along with the ability to only visit campus when required, much like traveling to and from work as opposed to living at work.